Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Photos From NYSUT "One Voice United Rally"

I had the opportunity to attend the Once Voice United Rally to protest NY's extraordinary amount of testing and test prep.  Many (including myself) are also opposed to APPR, and other recent initiatives.
Check out 80 of my photos over here.

WWII Propaganda Posters

These aren't the typical WWII propaganda posters, however.  They do, however, send a message that resonates today...

These remind me of an anecdote from WWI:
The French initially did not consider the American approach to the venereal problem practical. In February 1918, [French] Premier Clemenceau, in a letter to GHQ [General Headquarters], criticized the repressive policy and suggested, as an alternative, licensed houses of prostitution, which he would help to establish. The American reply denied that Clemenceau's information was correct and called for a conference on the matter. Meanwhile Pershing gave Raymond Fosdick a copy of the letter to show to Secretary Baker. When Fosdiek passed the letter on to the Secretary, Baker read it twice and then exclaimed, "For God‘s sake, Raymond, don‘t show this to the President or he’ll stop the war."
From "The War to End All Wars" by Edward M. Coffman.

 The next 2 speak to the treatment and its consequence: being barred from participating in the war.  Soldiers weren't even allowed to get on the troop transports to Europe from America if they were infected.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's June! The school year is nearly over, but the summer's only just barely begun. Due to the length of the two extant pages of links. I'm starting a new one. If you come across any terrific on-line resources, please let me know so I can include them.
Check out Landfill Links 2: NEW!!! Rare Books from Historic Map Works. 

This site is updated whenever I find something new to add.  Feel free to send me links to add.
I'm doing this out of 50/50 motives: 50% altruism, 50% making my bookmark list available to me everywhere I go.

Also, see the 2 newest layers of fill below.  These are both more thematic than the first. One is all really cool history photos, while the other is a collection of 45 of the most misogynistic advertising ever.  Really neat time capsules, as well as being primo sources for useful docs.
Shortcuts to them are in the Archive at right.

Male Chauvenist Layer of Advertising Fill

If you think today's advertising can be misogynistic, check these out.  45 of the finest examples of why the Women's Rights movement exists.

Note: While the idea of using Listerine as a "feminine hygiene product" may seem a bit "out there," don't forget that Listerine kills germs.  As a spermicide, it is quite effective.  Saying so before 1990, however, was not going to be allowed in any mainstream magazine.