Landfill 3 - The Slow Fill (Updated 5/12/15)

This page will be slowly filled as I come across new resources.

 I recently discovered the History Chicks Podcast about women in history, which is primarily biographies, but also occasionally fictional women who might deserve it.  Week 3 was Cinderella, and boy did the ladies come through with resources!

Head Over Heels - History of Shoes and Footwear

Folktexts: A Library of Folktales, Folklore, Fairy Tales and Mythology

Center for Story and Symbol


The New Deal Network - Documents, including political cartoons, relating to the New Deal and the Roosevelt Administration.  Part of FERI - The Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
It's a MASSIVE collection of data about every single slave trade voyage they could find records for.  There's a bunch of different ways to search it, but suffice it to say, if you need this data, there's enough for a dissertation.

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