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Links to News of Historical Interest - events of today with links to important places, people or events in the past. (These links will open new tabs or windows)

The Origin of "Welfare Queen"
It wasn't Ronald Reagan who invented this phrase, but he used it after the Chicago Tribune applied it to possibly the most egregious example of welfare fraud.  Hint: it was committed by a major league con artist.  This article will make your blood boil but it concludes with the observation that anecdote isn't data.  You can judge for yourself.  Read the long story here.

Librarians Are Awesome!
Librarians at the archives in Timbuktu saved almost the entire collection from destruction in the face of Islamic militants and their destruction of anything not holy (to them).  Read how.

The First and Fourth Amendment Continue to be Under Assault
Border "Security" Agents continue to be allowed to search your laptop and other electronic devices based on intuition and hunches without a warrant or probable cause.  Read how.

NYSUT One Voice United Rally, Albany 6/8/13
Thousands of New York teachers, students parents and supporters went ot Albany 6/8 to protest current testing (and other stuff related to NY's ridiculous policies).  Check out the Photos.

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