Saturday, June 1, 2013

Next Layer of Fill

These pics came from a link I found while bouncing around the internet.  I'll provide captions soon enough.  Some are self explanatory, others need captions.

American soldiers in Cologne, Germany, 1945

Australian Soldiers on a Matilda Tank, Bougainville

Howitzers on the Belorussian Front, WWI

Chester Macduffee and his 250kg Newly Patented Diving Suit, 1911

Charlie Chaplin without Make-Up

Statue of Liberty Under Construction in France before being shipped to America

Bob and Mrs. Marley

Circus Arrives, with assistance from 102 year old elephant

Evacuating Saigon, 1975.  Notice the nice American diplomat punching the Vietnamese man to keep him from boarding the already burdened helicopter.

Don't know why the dog needs a shave, but he's a celebrity, so why not.

German Soldiers, 1942

German Soldiers, 1918

German Air Force, 1943

The Great Sphinx, 1880(ish), before excavation of the (very large) base.

Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, 1972

Last Tasmanian Tiger, 1933

Lebanese Soldier, 1982

Mohandas Gandhi, attorney-at-law, 1920s

Marine prepares to enter Vietnamese tunnel.

Before she was Marilyn Monroe, she was Norma Jean, WWII factory worker.

Recording the MGM Lion and the opening credits.

German tank surrenders during El Alamein to a British soldier, WWII

British RAF pilot getting a shave between missions.

Recording a Blackfoot Indian Chief's singing

Napalm Attack, Vietnam

June 7, 1945 - France (the day after D-Day) American Army moving through a French city

Famous Shanghai baby photo from 1937

Opening ceremonies - Woodstock, 1969

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